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Dr. Zakir Hussain was born to Pathan warriors but choose to live a life surrounded by books. During the reign of Mohammad Shah clan of Afridi Pathans, Hasan Khan and Husain Khan, migrated to India in 1719 and settled at Qaimganj town in Farrukhabad District of U.P. where earlier migrant Afghans were settled down. Husain Khan was respectfully known as ‘Madah Khoon” meaning the senior Teacher. Husain’s great grandson was Ghulam Husain alias Jhuman Khan who was a disciple of Karam Ali Shah, a Sufi saint of Quimganj and also a Bans Behari, a Hindu exponent of the doctrines of ‘Wadah al_Wajud’ and ‘Suleh Kul’. The doctrine of ‘Wadah al_Wajud” expresses the belief that unity of god underlies all the diversities of the phenomenal world while the doctrine of ‘Suleh Kul’ emphasizes perfect peace (or peace with all). Ghulam Husain was a typical ‘Pathan’. Easily aroused by any slight actual or imagined could provoke violence. It is said that while his house was being built, he maltreated a laborer. When his mentor came to know of this, he ordered him to go to take lessons in polite behavior from the ‘Pundits’ OF Mathura. This was dutifully done. A ‘Pathan’ by nature attaches more value to honor than personal security. Ghulam Husain was known to be very generous compassionate and honest. A reflection of all these character traits was to be seen in his grandson, Dr.Zakir Husain.

Ghulam Husain Khan had two sons, Ata Husain Khan and Fida Husain Khan. Ata Husain pursued the traditional career by joining the army but Fida Husain Khan who was basically of a scholarly temperament broke with tradition and opened a shop of Moradabad brassware at Hyderabad. His scholarly nature pursued and led to study law. H e collected and collated the Hyderabad High Court Judgments and published several books on law. He married at the age of twenty-three by which time he was already a successful lawyer. He had seven sons: Muzaffar Hussain Khan, Abid Hussain Khan, Zakir Hussain Khan, Zahid Husain Khan, Yusuf Husain Khan, Zafar Husain Khan and Mahmood Husain Khan.

Zakir Husain was born in Hyderabad on the 8th day of February 1897. He was brought up in a “Sharief” Muslim tradition of northern India. During his childhood, it was against the dignity of the family to allow him to cross the street in front of his house on foot or to come out of the house without being properly dressed. He was thus put to a puritanical discipline. In his speech, and even in sartorial choice, he exhibited a rare and refined taste.

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